Vision for Driving

Since the early 1990’s, Dr. Shapiro has been in the forefront in a new movement in driver education which promotes the mental and visual aspects of driving as primary factors in preventing collisions. Dr. Shapiro has lectured on various aspects of this subject to the New York State Driving Association, Driving Association of Ontario, Road Safety Educators Association, New York City Police Department, and the College of Syntonic Optometry. He has also participated in an international think tank which took a multifaceted look at driving safety with leaders in various disciplines. The conference was held in Canada.

Dr. Shapiro has received awards of merit for recognition of his contribution to road safety through education concerning visual function and driving. Dr. Shapiro has coproduced a driving video 20/20 Is Not Enough, part of the Save A Second Save A Life Video Series. The video has received international recognition and is being used by AAA as part of their training for master drivers, Departments of Transportation, driving schools, high school driver education programs, American Driver Training School Educators Association, various Departments of Motor Vehicles as part of their prelicensing course and many others. The video is available through the Center For Unlimited Vision.