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Lightamin Therapy


~~It is now time to start feeling great, the light and natural way. Learn how to take a visual dose of a particular color that will supplement your mood and general state of well-being.~~


  1. Look at the entire menu of colors one at a time.
  2. Select the color that makes you feel the best at that particular moment.
  3. Only go by your gut feelings to select the color that will brighten your day.
  4. Leave intellect out of the selection process.
  5. Don’t pick a color based upon what you think would uplift your spirits or enhance your present mood.
  6. Don’t pick a color based upon your past associations with that color.
  7. There is an exception to choosing a color when the intellect does come into play. As a general rule, if you are under the weather, that is, if you have a cold, fever, or infection, stay in the blue, indigo, and violet range. These color supplements will act like Lightamin-C.
  8. In the beginning, keep the duration of each viewing session to no more than 3 minutes.
  9. Less exposure is always better than more, especially until you learn the nuances of the technique and the effects they can have on your behavior and mood.
  10. Stop for the day or switch to another color remedy at any time during the 3 minute exposure, if you start to have any uncomfortable feelings. Do not overdose.
  11. Re-evaluate your response to a particular color later in the day. There may be a delayed response.


Kinesiology Check Test: Measuring The Power Of Light

  1. Get a base line reading of your muscle strength without looking at any color from the color palette.
  2. On one hand, hold up the tips of your thumb and pinky fingers gently touching each other.
  3. Keep all fingers completely relaxed.
  4. Keep your other hand relaxed at your side.
  5. Beforehand, instruct your assistant, when you are both ready, to give you a command to tighten up. At that point only, resist his/her attempts to pull your fingers apart.
  6. Make a mental note of your muscle strength. Did you have a strong or a weak response?
  7. Repeat the procedure for every color that you choose to view in the color palette.
  8. A strong muscle response indicates a color that is good for you at that moment.
  9. A weak muscle response indicates a color to avoid at that moment.
  10. Compare the results to the base line finding.
  11. If initial muscle testing reveals a weak response to all colors that you select, your energetic system is very out-of-balance at that moment. Stay in the blue-violet zone as this is considered rejuvenating types of energies.
  12. If initial testing reveals a weak response to all colors, stay away from the yellow-red zone. They are considered revitalizing types of energy. They will be too strong for you at that moment in time.
  13. Repeat the test after a minute or two to see if you should stay or change to another color.
  14. If initial muscle testing reveals a strong response to all colors, that is considered a balanced energy response. At this point, pick any color frequency that appeals to you.
  15. But don’t forget, even if muscle testing is done, always go by your gut feeling.
  16. Please note that, immediately after completing a session with any color that is therapeutic for you, you may find that you suddenly have a stronger reaction to colors that initially gave you a weaker response.


More About the Lightamins iOS App

Supplement Your Mood With The Color Of Your Choice

Created by: Dr. Joseph Shapiro, Behavioral Optometrist and Optimist

Introduction: The power of sunlight to nourish all of us is undeniable. Now you have the opportunity through this application, to view and instantaneously assimilate the unique nurturing power inherent in each of sunlight’s 7 colored rays of light. At your own pace and discretion, and as needed, simply select and view the color or colors of your choice that make you feel good.

  1. Each visible color of the electromagnetic spectrum of sunlight has its own unique vibration or frequency.
    1. Each color is associated with a different degree of energy.
    2. Each color is associated with a different feeling (relaxing, stimulating, energizing, boosts creativity, spiritually uplifting…)
    3. Each color can profoundly influence you in different ways and at different times.
  2. We have selective attitudes and reactions to color that vary from person to person.
    1. What colors do you wear on a daily basis?
    2. What colors do you absolutely avoid?
    3. What colors do you gravitate toward in decorating your home?
    4. How does your choice of colors not only reflect on who you are but also influence who you are?
    5. Consciously or unconsciously, many of us crave a specific color frequency.
  3. Just like we have vitamin deficiencies, we can have color deficiencies.
    1. Many of us do not absorb and assimilate certain colors well.
    2. These deficiencies have nothing to do with color blindness.
    3. These deficiencies can be measured in a clinical setting.
    4. These deficiencies arise from psychological and physiological imbalances.
    5. These deficiencies can be supplemented with light.
  4. Few people realize that the eye is much more than a simple light detector that is only involved in the process of seeing.
    1. The eye miraculously has special pathways that feed directly into the glands of the endocrine system.
    2. The endocrine system produces all the hormones in our body. These hormones regulate our metabolism, mood, sexual function, sleep…
    3. Both daylight and artificial light shining through the eyes influence these functions.
    4. Exposure to light is an accepted medical treatment for the winter blues since the 1980’
    5. It is a highly recognized treatment by The American Psychiatric Association and The National Institute Of Mental Health.
  5. Kinesiology, a form of muscle testing, can be used to validate your choice of colors.
    1. With the speed of light, it evaluates the instantaneous impact that color has on your muscle strength.
    2. It is a visible readout of the communication channels between your central nervous system and your body mechanics.
    3. It is truly an amazing eye opening experience.
    4. You will need the assistance of a partner, family member or friend to perform the test on yourself.
    5. The test is not absolutely necessary. As you will see, the selection process was designed for you to go by your gut feeling.


The information in this App is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. This App is not intended to substitute for medical advice or treatment by a licensed medical professional. The ultimate decision concerning your state of mind and general well-being should be made between you and your doctor. I strongly recommend that you follow his or her advice. Information in this App is offered with no guarantee on the part of the author. The author disclaims all liability in connection with the use of this App.