Light Therapy

Dr. Shapiro is a Fellow and former trustee of the College of Syntonic Optometry. Syntonics is a unique optometric specialty that uses colored light therapeutically. Syntonics has been around since the early 1900’s. Syntonics and other forms of light and color therapy are quickly gaining international attention and acceptance as revolutionary, nontoxic and potent healing modalities. Light is the medicine of the future. Dr. Shapiro is the only doctor in Manhattan that actively practices Syntonics. Dr. Shapiro has been practicing Syntonics for approximately 30 years.

Syntonics, a form of light therapy, restores balance to the nervous system through the use of selected frequencies of color administered through the eye. Just as we have vitamin deficiencies, we also have spectral assimilation deficiencies. After a careful and special analysis of what deficiencies need to be supplemented, colored light through the eye will then be capable of treating a wide variety of dysfunctions such as lazy eye, reduced peripheral vision, double vision, photosensitivity, focusing problems, attention deficit disorder, and headaches including migraines.

Dr. Shapiro also uses the TransLid Binocular Interactor (TBI) which emits a white light that alternates between the left and the right eye at 9 cycles per second. It is applied through closed eyelids. Dr. Shapiro uses this technique to treat lazy eye and eye coordination problems. It is a wake up call to the brain and increases our neurological sensitivity to the visual information in our environment. It also uses light to drive the brain into a meditative state.

Dr. Shapiro also uses an advanced form of neurofeedback (brain biofeedback) called Audio Visual Entrainment. It uses both light and sound to help regulate different brain wave patterns to improve attention and create healthier states of both mind and body.